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The AGRITEMA's inoculants contain strains of rhizobial bacteria with high virulence, as well as the highest titres on the market that provide intense fixation of atmospheric nitrogen at a reasonable price.

Using inoculants you receive:
distribution of lateral roots on the plant
saving on nitrogen fertilizers
an increase in yield, on average, up to 300 kg / ha

Useful microorganisms can overcome or suppress various diseases of plants caused by pathogens of different origins. Our partners - the global leaders of microbiology, like the company Lallemand Plant Care, have developed and customized our conditions for highly effective microbial drugs to protect crops from the most harmful pathogens.

Different ways of acting drugs:
system nabuta stійкість
Seed coatings
Seed coatings

Seed coatings are an integral part of modern agricultural market. Good appearance and greater effectiveness of seed treatment are increasingly concerned producers because of the growing competition on the seed market. In turn, seed coatings and polymers provide quick drying of seeds, good flow rate from the treater (inline or batch), no sticking and easy filing for packing and further seeding. An additional benefit of the coating seeds - differentiattion of treatments or of seeds, appropriate phytosanitary conditions during the storage, transportation and germination. Polymer film fixes the agrochemical products active ingredient to the surface of seed it provides better performance at sowing and as a result - high yields.

So, seed coatings and polymers ensure your seed following benefits:
Value added to the coloured seed
Increased color protectants
Differentiattion of treatments
Better performance at sowing: no agglutination in seeds drillers
Greater safety for human and the environment
Seed treating systems
Seed treating systems

Inbreeding and seeding require extraordinary craftsmanship and extremely precise equipment. There are many technical possibilities to do this. That is why in the portfolio of the company SATEC HANDELSGES, MBH, represented in Ukraine by AGRITEMA, there are both standard and specialized machines. The standard range of standard SATEC machines includes drilling machines for both small batches (including for laboratories), and for medium and large batches of seeds.

SATEC CONCEPT Portable Smoothing Machine offers clear advantages:
Exact dosage and seed treatment
Homogeneous distribution of the active substance on the surface of the seed
There is no losing drug at the beginning or at the end of treatment
Exact specification of the volume of batches of cultivated seeds: 5 kg, 330 kg, 30 tons, etc.
Rapid cleaning when switching to other types of seeds
Modular design, which allows convenient installation of additional equipment
Internal data management and archiving
online diagnostics and counseling, software update
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Agritema LLC has been supplying Ukrainian seed factories and farmers with unique products for seeds since 2005. In search of innovation our company was the first one in Ukraine who discovered a world leader in speciality seed products “Becker Underwood”. Sepiret™ range of seed coatings as well as their soybean inoculants have been successfully marketed by our company and became market leaders in Ukraine too. Today Agritema is an official distributor of such companies as BASF, Bayer and Syngenta. Our goal is to provide high quality innovative seed products and service to our customers. We do our best to help you grow professionally and economically. Agritema team guarantees on-time delivery of your orders, professional advice and individual approach.