AGICOTE 441 – Seed coatings are an integral part of the modern agro market. Nice appearance of seeds and their fluency improvement of its processing efficiency are of more concern to more of a concern for producers, as competition in the seed market is constantly growing.

AGICOTE 441 is a dark red seed coating for corn seeds

Purpose of application: fixation of polymers of the active substance of the purifiers on the surface of the seed, rapid faster, better seed fluency both from treating machines and from seed hopper, no bridging of seeds while bagging or sowing

Form: water-soluble suspension

Composition: polymer colorant with colored pigment and mineral fillers

Seed treatment: applying the drug to the seeds in a mixture of bacteria with antibiotics, growth stimulants, microfertilizers

Compatibility: The drug is compatible with original chemical treatments

Cost rate: from 1.2 to 3 kg per 1 ton of seeds

Packing: plastic barrel 25 l, 125 l, 1000 l Shelf life: 24 months at storage temperature from +5 up to + 30 ° С


Form: water solution

Production: France

Advantage of using dyes:
Ensuring proper phytosanitary conditions during storage, transportation and sprouting;
Improve the appearance of the seeds;
Strengthening of the color of the tracer;
Possibility to distinguish the means of treatment, which was drilled the seeds;
Better visualization of the seeds in the soil and control of seed rates: the seed does not strain into the breasts, the seed flow is improved;
Safety of work for people and the environment: dust control.