Bioboost® Plus(Liquid)

Bioboost® Plus(Liquid) is a unique dual action inoculant for soybeans.

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Bioboost® Plus(Liquid) is a unique dual action inoculant for soybeans. It combines a patented plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) – Delftia acidovorans – with Bradyrhizobium. The synergy of two superior bacteria strains working together increases nitrogen fixation and enhances the overall growth and development of the plant. BioBoost Plus contains 2×109 Bradyrhizobium/ml and 1×107 Delftia acidovorans/ml. This ratio of the two organisms has shown to be highly effective in the field. The effect of Bradyrhizobium on a soybean crop is well documented and understood. The symbiotic relationship between the Bradyrhizobium and the soybean plant results in nodules forming on the roots, where nitrogen fixation occurs, ensuring that nitrogen is available to the plant when the plant needs it. The PGPR, Delftia acidovorans, is active in the soil. It is attracted to root exudates and will move toward growing roots where it will multiply and colonize the root zone. The bacterium has a number of beneficial modes of action that positively impact plant root growth; this ultimately supports higher yields, depending upon environmental and soil conditions.
Formulation: Liquid (no mixing required)
Yield Responce: 12% over uninoculated control
Application: on-seed (limited tackiness and bridging)
Application Rate: 1.6 L per 1 tons of seeds
Package Sizes Available: 7.2 L case per 4.535 tons
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