Biological fungicide Prestop®.

from 1 850 uah cost at the rate of the NBU
Biological fungicide Prestop®. Target crops: seedling production, vegetables, herbs and ornamentals.
  • Minimizes the residues of chemical fungicides in the soil
  • Preventive agent that increases the resistance of plants to diseases
  • Controls diseases, that other means are not able to fight
  • Compatible with biological and integrated plant protection technologies
  • Has a low risk of resistance
  • Safe for humans, the environment and beneficial organisms
  • Improves yield when used as a soil treatment, colonizing the root system and promoting plant growth
  • Can be introduced to control the disease directly before harvesting
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Formulation: soluble powder
Concentration: contains live spores of a specific strain (J1446) of fungus Gliocladium catenulatum at concentration of 2х10 ⁸ CFU/g or 32%
Shelf-life: 12 months a +4 +8°С
Country of origin: Finland
Effect: For efficient control of soil and foliar pathogens on greenhouse vegetables and ornamentals Pythium sp., and Rhizoctonia sp., Botrytis grey mould and stem cancer and Didymella gummy stem blight