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Industrial Batch Seed Treaters

from 600 000 uah cost at the rate of the NBU
Industrial Batch Seed Treaters
Technical data: Mixing system: rotor-stator-principle
Distribution of dressing: by spinning disc
Batch size: 5-50 kg (65 dm³)
Power requirement: 380/400V, 50 Hz, 32 A (other on demand)
Compressed air supply: 5 bar, 10l/batch
Dimensions: Weight: approx. 550 kg
Height of filling flap: 1.260 mm
Floor area: approx. 1,5 m2
Optional equipment: infinitely variable speed control of the rotor
rotor and stator with special anticaking coating
mixing chamber for batches up to 25 kg (32,5 dm³)
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Additional equipment (on request):
  • PU-coated rotor and stator, rotor speed-mixer speed controller for batches up to 25 kg (32.5 dm³)