G3 System 1100 DS

This treating system consists of: G3 Insert, Mix and Treat liquid product delivery unit, T6 liquid product delivery unit, control panel with a seed sensing switch.

The G3 and the G3 Insert are made of stainless steel. The fittings inside are brass and stainless steel. There are 2 reducer cones included to control seed flow from an overhead bin. This system has 2 Mixers. The M1 Mixer mounts under the G3&G3 Insert. The M2 Mixer hangs off the end of the take away conveyor used to take the treated seed away. These are both made of the same stainless steel as the G3 and Insert.

The Mix and Treat has a 120 litre poly tank on a stand with pumps and motor mounted below. The pumps will cycle the liquid product to mix and restore it to proper suspension. When this is accomplished you can set the unit to pump the seed treatment to the G3 Seed Treater and or the G3 Insert. The T6 liquid product delivery unit has 30 litre poly tank on a frame. The pump mounts on the frame as well. The T6 and the control panel will mount on the Mix and Treat Stand.

At the end of the treating season flush the unit with water and then winter safe the pump. This equipment is not compatable with peat based products.

The control panel is in a stainless steel box. The panel consists of switches to turn the system on and off and to control the application of the seed treatment. This system will operate on manual or automatic.